to God be the glory

This is a follow-up from the previous post. Specifically, the first part of it, where the 4 possible objects of focus are mentioned.

I’m sure it didn’t blow your mind to read of the 4 different focuses. We’re often warned about the 3 that aren’t Jesus, and told to be careful, to make sure we’re focusing on Him. I think we focus on 1 or more of those 3 more often than we admit, though. I think there are many times that we write off a seemingly wrong focus with seemingly right considerations. We think it’s part of our responsibility to worry about those things. We think that in order to lead effectively, those things must come into play. After all, if not handled properly, they can all serve as distractions, can’t they? If the music is horrible, people might be too distracted to worship. We can’t ignore the people completely – we can’t simply worship in a way that works for us and bring that on stage and expect it to work for others. We have to take the people into consideration. And us? Of course we have to think about ourselves to a certain extent. We have to make sure we look decent and aren’t wearing anything that would distract people from God.

I wouldn’t disagree with any of that. I do think we carry those responsibilities, but they should never be the focus. These things that are part of our responsibility are things that can and should be settled beforehand. They shouldn’t take too long to settle either. It’s really not as difficult as we make it out to be sometimes. I think once we start stressing out about those things, there’s a good chance that our focus is off.

It’s all gotta lead back to God. The reason that we care about those things has to be because we want God to be glorified. But we must know when it is enough, and just let God sort it all out – He can draw glory to Himself much better than we can.

Mm.. It seems tricky at times… But…it’s just gotta be about God getting glory, glory and more glory.

“And the glory of the LORD will be revealed,
and all mankind together will see it.” Isaiah 40:5


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