further thoughts on blogging

I have never believed in blogs that recount every happening of every day – that’s just not my thing. Works for some people, and that’s cool, but not me.

I am also not writing this with the view that I and I alone have the truth and I need to preach it to you here to save your sorry souls. I assure you that my sorry soul needs just as much saving, if not more, as yours does. I’m not here as the voice of truth – that’s Jesus’ job (and thank God!). I don’t have all the answers, or maybe any at all. I do not claim to be someone you should listen to or whose words you should even give your time of day. Let the mind of God be with you as you read, and evaluate what you read. I am just here to share my honest opinions on things. I’m just trying to be an honest, true Christian, as maybe you are. Does that mean I will succeed? Nope. But even if I am not the “perfect Christian”, I hope to be an honest person.

There is a great, great tendency to think that, because this is a public space, I must be writing for people. As with all attempts to do things for people and for their approval, however, that just gets confusing and messy. So I just thought I’d say here that I am not writing for people. I am not writing this for you. If you benefit from it, by God’s wonderful grace, then praise God! I praise Him right along with you. But even if you don’t, and no one else does either, this blog will continue, because – as selfish or self-absorbed as this might seem – I write for me.

We live in an age where the internet, the biggest public arena, has become a place where people share their lives. It is now much more common – though not necessarily acceptable – to share one’s life with a complete stranger, over this mysterious invention known as the World Wide Web. As with everything in this world, that can be a good or bad thing. The internet can be used for good or evil. There are grave dangers along with the many benefits that come with the internet. But the internet is the reality of the generation that I am a part of, and while this means different things to different people according to the different convictions God has placed in each of us, I believe that to be “in this world but not of it”, for me, means to boldly add my voice to the millions of others in this public domain.

We cannot make a difference by keeping to ourselves, commenting among ourselves of the state of things in our world – whether that world be within the Church or outside. In order to make a change, we have to get into the middle of the dialogue, be an involved party, and boldly state our claims as we listen to the claims of others around us. If we believe that what we believe is true, why should we be afraid to talk to others who don’t believe the same things we do? How else will we make an impact?

But I digress. You are entitled to your own opinions on every word that I write here. I don’t claim to be right. I’m just sharing my honest thoughts on things that come to my mind because I believe it my duty to share those thoughts – writing is just one way of doing that. Of course my hope for this, and all things, is that God’s glory would somehow be revealed. But even that, I believe, is entirely God’s prerogative. I will be faithful with what He’s given me, and what God chooses to do with that is completely up to Him.


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