into marvelous light (i’m running)

I have written many times on this, the strange human tendency to choose to dwell in depression or depressive thoughts. Perhaps, in part, it stems from an unbelief in the power of God to lift us out of that darkness. But also, I think it is an issue of control and security. We know this darkness well. So well that we are easily persuaded into thinking that it is our friend. We have been there before, and we remember it better than we do light. And so the thought of making the journey from darkness to light scares us. It seems too far, too impossible a valley to cross. We feel safer here in the darkness, where we know our way around from having spent so much time here. Somewhere inside of us we know that if we made it to the light, things would be so much better. But the darkness has become our friend. Our shelter. Our security.

Or so it feels. It isn’t true, though. We’ve just got to keep telling ourselves that. The truth is this: God is our Friend. God is our Shelter. God is our security. And God is where the light is.

Despite the semantic contradictions of this statement, I have to believe that the shadow of God’s wings is a place of brilliant, blinding light. That’s where you really want to be.


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