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I’m in my Multicultural Education class right now, listening to a class discussion about transgender children. This is just one of many moments over the past few months where I am realizing what a difference it makes where you get your education. For example, all the comments that are being made are coming from an acceptance of transsexuality. It’s like that’s the established baseline for this discussion. I’m not making any judgments here about whether it’s right or wrong and whether I accept it or not, but I’m just pointing out the importance of being aware of the culture you’re in when you receive your education. I think especially coming from somewhere like Singapore, where students are largely spoon-fed by their teachers, we often neglect to be critical about what exactly teachers are teaching, and what goes into that (and comes out of it). I’m not being very coherent right now, I know, because I’m sick and my head is congested and stuff, but yes. It’s important to question what you are being taught. It is dangerous to take everything that is said and assume that it is true.

At the same time, there is no need to shy away from different perspectives. I don’t think we should. But we’ve got to delve in deep, if at all, and be willing to try to understand. Keep an open mind – not in the sense that you accept everything that is input, but in the sense that you are willing to let your own views be challenged and be exposed to opposing views.

I guess the question then comes to: where do we get our information from, then? Where do we get the truth? The answer is, of course, God. The Bible, and just God. Talk to Him. Ask for understanding. Don’t be afraid.

Okay my brain is not working. I stop now.


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