Lent: Day 2

Today, I realized another thing that fasting does NOT mean. Don’t you just love making mistakes? Haha.

Breakfast turned into brunch today, so I only had two meals again. I was hungry by 2, and dinner was at 6. By the time dinner rolled around, I was so hungry I could’ve eaten a unicorn. This is the thinking that accompanied me to dinner: Oh boy! Dinner! Food that I am allowed to eat! Better load up!!!

I ended up eating 4 slices of pizza and a dessert bar. I am still feeling as though I am going to burst out of a unicorn suit that is 10 sizes too small for me. So, lesson learnt: when I say that God is ALL I need, it means that I do not need to do anything extra to sustain myself. I continue eating as I normally would, minus the snacks, and let God do the rest. I do not feast when I am ‘allowed’ to, in order to prepare for the period of fasting. That’s not how it works. In some cases, this could be a health and safety issue, but that’s a different story.

So! Fasting doesn’t mean feasting as well!

(In case you’re wondering about the unicorn references, no, I have not turned into a unicorn-loving, pink-wearing, pom pom-bearing, nail polish-wearing girl. I will post a video soon (pending approval!) that should help to clear things up. Wait for it!)


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