adapted from my journal

In my Intro to American Studies class, we talked about wisdom in the context of Keith Basso’s book, “Wisdom Sits in Places” and the Western Apache people. It was very interesting to hear how others view wisdom… We talked about the differences between Americans and the Western Apaches, and one of the things that came up was the conception of wisdom. I’m not going to do a very good job here explaining their concept because this is a quick quick quick post, but basically, the Apaches believe that wisdom is something that must be sought. It isn’t something you’re born with, nor something you naturally acquire with age or experience. People seemed really surprised. I was surprised at their surprise, but I guess I shouldn’t be, because I definitely do slip into the thinking that I will gain wisdom as I go along… But there is definitely a distinctive effort that must be put in. It’s a choice, for the Apache people. Many give up, though all aspire to it.

We can pray for wisdom, yes, but I think we must act on our request as well. We’ve got to dive into God’s Word, memorize it and fill our minds with it, learn from others…

God, give me the discipline to seek wisdom, not just pray for it and expect it to fall on me.


*If you have the time, I’d really recommend that you check out the book! It’s really great. It’s an ethnographical study on the significance of place to the Western Apache people. It won a creative non-fiction award and it’s really enjoyable to read, not to mention informative! They seem like super cool people. I kinda wanna live with them. Haha!


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