time management

The way that schools are set up encourages us to take things day by day. We complete assignments as they are due, rather than looking too far ahead. In many cases, we can’t even do that because the work hasn’t been assigned yet. It’s a good approach in some senses, like how Jesus tells us not to worry about tomorrow, for each day has enough worry of its own (Matthew 6). But it shouldn’t be the only way we approach life. We need to live with eternity in mind, and that involves looking beyond the current moment and the current day. There is a need to zoom out and see the bigger picture. That could be in terms of groups of days, weeks, months, years, etc.

I guess why I’m thinking about this is because I haven’t really been doing much work the past few days. I’ve spent a lot of time journaling and reflecting on things (as you might be able to guess from the sudden flurry of posts), preparing for Mustard Seed, etc. It’s been wonderfully relaxing and nourishing to my soul. School, society, the world, etc. tells me that I should be worried. I’m supposed to have finished a 200+ page book for class by now, but I’m stuck in the preface. I need to read it before I can even start thinking about the paper I have to write based on it that’s due on Tuesday. I’m way behind in my Geology reading too, and I have a test on Friday. Besides that, I’ve gotta work on my writing portfolio, which might involve desperately trying to recall some Plato and Locke and engaging in convoluted and frustrating arguments about the body and the soul. I have to figure out what I’m going to do for my video for my CAMS class, and then do it, and with filming, timing and weather is crucial.

So by all worldly measures, I should be freaking out right now. But I’m not. Maybe I’m just not thinking about it, am ignoring or denying it, but I think I know I’m gonna have to get down to it soon. It’s just that lately there’s been very fertile ground for thinking and stuff and I couldn’t turn it away! I think, ultimately, it was rewarding. Always is. I feel refreshed to chiong my work again. I can still make it, for sure. I just need to let go of my perfectionist want to get all my work done first. I think God knew I needed a break. So anyway, it’s going to be difficult to spend as much time thinking about things next week as I have been in the past week. But sometimes, that’s unavoidable and we just need to learn to deal with it. I’ve gotta trust God to provide the extra strength, but still, of course, seek Him as much as possible.

I often think about the ideal for life and time management as having each day be totally balanced. Ideally, I would be able to spend x amount of time praying, talking to God, journaling, reading Christian books, reading the Bible. I would spend x hours completing my homework. I would manage to get x hours of sleep. But as I was trying to fall asleep last night (which is when I typed all these thoughts into my phone, my computer being out of reach), I realized that maybe that isn’t the way it should be. Well, perhaps I shouldn’t say should, but rather just say that maybe it’s okay that things aren’t that balanced. I think there will always be some weeks that allow us the luxury of time to spend lots of time hanging out with God with nothing else to worry about, but other weeks when it’ll be really hard to find just 5 minutes for that. We need to recognize that God is equally present in both circumstances. We just have to do our best to stay connected with Him in whatever ways the circumstances allow.

And so after a week of reorienting myself to Him, it’s work time.


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