Things happen. Some things cause us to fear. Some things cause us to love. Everything causes us to change, at least in some small way.

However that change occurs, one thing’s for sure: we will never be the same again.

That sounds really dramatic, but the fact is, it is dramatic. I’m not even exaggerating here. With every second that we live, we accumulate that much more experience in this world.

In the midst of this continuous change, this constant flux, there is only One that remains the same.

How do we remain steadfast? We’ve got to stand on the Rock that does not shift with the changing winds, nor get eroded by the changing tides, nor altered by any other forces in this universe. He created the universe.

It’s easy to say, but in practice, it doesn’t seem that straightforward. We need to continually go back to Him and have our focus realigned, our minds renewed… It’s not about erasing the changes that happen to us. It’s about aligning our hearts, minds and souls with His in order that we may know how to think, view and interpret the changes.

A change is not static. Nor simple. We need to know what to do with them. How to accept them, for there are many possible ways.


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