john 3:16

I just watched this video, and wow, how can I go on looking at the world in the same way, living my life in the same way? God sent His only Son to die for me.

I think I tend to take Jesus’ miraculous resurrection for granted. I’m not exactly sure how my brain processes things, but I think it goes something like this: God sent His Son, His only Son, to die for me. Hmm. That’s something, isn’t it? But He knew He wasn’t going to be dead forever… He knew He would rise again and come back to life… I’m sure it was hard for God, but it’s not thaaaaaat hard when you’ve got a guarantee that it’ll be ‘reversed’, right? When you know it won’t last forever…

I know, slap me now. Picture the person you care about most in this world. Imagine seeing him or her be torn into and ripped apart right before your eyes. Even if you knew the person would be okay after, say, three days, I’m pretty sure most of you, if not all, would rather not subject your loved one to that kind of pain at all. The assurance that he/she’ll be okay helps, but only to a certain extent. You still experience the torturous pain. It’s horrific. A living nightmare.

So I’m sure it wasn’t that easy for God. Sometimes, I think, well yeah, it affects me, but God is God… He can handle the pain, right? And yes, He can handle it, but it doesn’t mean He doesn’t feel it. Think about it: we experience what we think is excruciating pain. But we’re made in His image, and we’re only shades of all that He is. Imagine how much greater the pain that He experiences must be…

As if that weren’t enough, add to the equation the fact that God chose to let His Son die. He had a choice. His Son, or the world? It’s the classic question of sacrificing an individual for the greater good. We often talk about it from a moral/ethical standpoint, like, which is the right thing to do? But imagine actually having to make that decision. Imagine that the individual is the person you love the most. What would you do?

We know what God did… That should really make us think about what we’re doing with our lives. He died for us. He died for me. His blood is on my hands.


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