Step Up

More than once in recent times, I have realized that I keep coming back to the same issues. Why? Because even though God has shown Himself time and again to be faithful and loving, I haven’t stepped up my game. Yes, it’s all about grace and nothing we can do can earn us salvation or whatever. But as more and more of Him is revealed to us, how can we stand here unmoved? It is not enough to soak in the moment of His glory and grace; we must endeavor to live it out from day to day. As we are shown grace, our love must increase. Indeed, it should increase. This love must be backed by action, for some days, emotions will fail us. If we are to run with perseverance this race marked out before us, we must be willing to keep looking ahead, though we do not see the prize. We must keep our eyes fixed on the goal, though the finish line is out of sight. It is not God’s job to woo us every step of the way, though He does, with great love and gladness. But we must spur ourselves, and each other, on. We must learn to see with eyes of faith. And as we do, our faith increases, and more is demanded of us. These are not trials to be in sorrow over, but trials in which to rejoice, for these trials are creating in us perseverance, that we might be made complete.

It’s time to step it up. The lifestyles that most of us live make it difficult to remember on a daily basis that there is so much reflection necessary for us to live a life worthy of His praise. It is so easy to take each action as finite, as something in and of itself, forgetting that every single thing that we do has greater implications and ramifications for ourselves and others. How we choose to live in the present determines the history that we create for ourselves. We have the opportunity to make healthy histories, to create memories and events that we can look back on for strength, remembering how God enabled us to overcome, because we allowed Him to.

What am I doing to show that knowing God is the ultimate goal of my life? What am I doing that says, “All I want is to know Him who loves me”? Why do I not devour the Bible as though it is the very thing upon which my life depends? The answer is simple: because I forget that it is. Because I do not know in the fibers of my being that this is the truth. Yet I do know; I know enough to know that it is something I should be doing, not out of legalistic obligation, but out of the desire for life. And that is where faith comes in, again. Faith to believe that God is the source of my life, when my human foolishness has gotten in the way. It’s ridiculous how quickly we forget. How often are we aware that the air surrounding us is keeping us alive? We so easily take it for granted. Breathing has become so natural. I desire for my seeking God to become that natural, and yet, not so natural that I forget its significance, that it becomes something I fail to appreciate. Because really, it is one of the most amazing things that we are so simply sustained.

There is nothing that we need apart from Jesus.


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