Sometimes I really wish I didn’t have so many options. Sometimes I think we make life more complicated for ourselves than it’s meant to be.

Today’s culture teaches that we all have choices, or should have. As with many things, I think we’ve gotta be really careful with how we think about this.

Yes, we have choices – God gave us free will. The danger comes when we focus on the choices we make, rather than the God who is sovereign over all those choices, both the good and the bad. When we do that, we start thinking that we are responsible for the outcomes of those choices, of our lives. I’m not trying to say that we have no responsibilities – we definitely do. Okay, I think there are two different ways it can go…

1. We think we have control over our lives.

When we focus on the choices we choose to make, we end up focusing on ourselves, rather than God. We start thinking that we can control our lives based on the choices we make. It isn’t ridiculous to think that – it’s just human. Human logic says that a good choice leads to a good outcome and a bad choice to a bad one. But God’s logic defies all of that. When we focus on our choices, we start to deem them more important and more powerful than the God who is watching over us, and who is in control of it all. What that leads to is us determining God’s faithfulness/love/favour/etc. towards us by outward circumstances and signs, rather than His heart. Because we think that the choices we make matter so much, that WE are given the reigns of our own destiny, we expect things to turn out as we expect and plan for them to, and we get upset when they don’t. We get upset with God, because we think, “God, I made the decisions that honour You, why didn’t I get rewarded?” Okay, we might be treading some tricky free-will-and-God’s-plan ground here, but let’s just put that aside and focus on God and who we know He is. Jeremiah 29:11 tells us that our God is a God who is for us, not against us, a God who wants to prosper us, not harm us, a God who has plans to give us a hope and a future. That’s where our hope and confidence should lie – in God’s heart, not in our perceptions of reality. Our perceptions of reality often obscure the reality that God sees; we don’t see all that’s going on. But God does. We need to trust His heart for us.

2. We let our choices define us.

I think Tenth Avenue North says it best.

If you prefer reading:


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