mgs aunties

my new life goal is to become one. haha.

but seriously, they’re so amazing. i really admire them, and they really inspire me. these are the ladies that i met back in 2005 when i first got involved with lmg, the ladies who have been there from before the beginning, and who are still here now. i’m so amazed that they come down every week, (almost) without fail, to pray and support us younger ones.. they so freely give of their time and money and food and hearts and so much more!! oh man. i think it’s incredible.

ms kam!!

and then there’s ms kam who is like, WAH. i forget how old she is – at least 90, i think, if not coming to 100!! anyway, she is in a wheelchair, but she is like the ultimate super prayer warrior. wow wow wow. apparently she has this Book, and she has pictures of all her students and colleagues from over the years (she was a Home Ec teacher in MGS in the time of Ellice Handy!!) and she prays for them by name every single day. she also still memorizes bible verses…i need to start doing that again! wow. i was blown away when i heard all that. she came for lovemg, and we honoured her, and oh mannnnnn amazingggg. our speaker led us to honour her, saying that her prayers have made our school a better place. we don’t often think about it that way, i think, but it’s so true. older generations praying for younger generations… the impact that is made. what we do in our time has ramifications for the generations that follow us. that’s a pretty crazy and sometimes scary thought. what are we doing for our ‘juniors’?

on a slightly separate note, aunty su li was sending me home from prayer meeting the other day, and i asked her how the prayer meetings started. she told me that aunty ros started them way back when. she first organized parent prayer groups – one group per week per month. she managed to get three groups, which covered three out of the four weeks in a month. a little later, she felt God telling her that the fourth group was to be for alumni. by then, she wasn’t on the board anymore, so she asked the board if she could do it, and they said she could, as long as she found her own people and etc. then they realized that someone from the board needed to be in the prayer group, cos the board members had access to the key to the alumni room, and ms kon didn’t want to make a duplicate. so they asked for a volunteer, and nobody was really willing, then aunty su li reluctantly said she’d do it, cos aunty ros had talked to her about it before, i suppose. aunty su li was super funny, she said she told aunty ros, “i’m not going to pray; i just open and lock the door for you”. hahaha. i laugh, but i was really inspired by her telling me that. you have to understand that aunty su li is an mgs auntie. she is ALWAYS there. she has ALWAYS BEEN there. as far as i’m concerned, in my mind, she WILL ALWAYS BE there. in my mind, she has always been praying. so to hear her tell me that there was a time when she didn’t want to pray was pretty surprising, but also a great reminder of God’s grace, and the truth that we really can’t do anything without God. He calls us. anyway, if you wanna know the end of that story, well, it started out with just 2 of them (aunty ros and aunty su li, haha), but it grew, and it’s still going on today. along the way, dawn came in with her lovemgs vision (1999), and that’s how it was all birthed. i’m so proud to be part of such an amazing legacy that’s filllllled with so many prayerful hearts. oh man.

oh may all who come behind us find us faithful…


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