i don’t know if anyone actually reads this, but if you do, you might have realized that the past couple of posts have taken on a slightly different tone, both in content and uh, style. i’ve realized that i tend to think really hard about what to put on this blog, and i don’t like that. why? cos it is really just too pretentious, haha. from the beginning, i stated that i am not writing here because i think my thoughts are great or because i think that i have things people need to hear. i am writing to help me process things, and to help me to understand what God is doing in myself and the world around me. by filtering things so much, i’m claiming to know what is “worth” going up here, what is “worth” your time to read… but i don’t. i can’t know that. as much as i would like to give you something you would find worthwhile to read, i have no way of knowing what that is, and to assume otherwise would be wildly arrogant of me. so i’ve decided to stop thinking so hard, and just write about things as they come. this isn’t my portfolio – i don’t have to get things polished and cleaned before i can put them up here. the whole point of it is for them to be raw, because the point of writing is for me to process that, for the rough edges to become smoother.

i’m also deciding to write more here because as much as i LOVE paper/physical journals, my hands just can’t keep up with my mind and everything that happens in a day. (now all i need is that iphone and a data plan…….)

so yeah. just in case you were wondering.

/edit i just re-read a post i wrote in the early life of this blog. guess this is the mid-life crisis. haha. it’s good to reread the purposes i had. good to see i’m getting back on track, even if i had veered off for awhile.


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