press in

that’s what i’m learning. worship is work. sometimes we’ve gotta fight to be in God’s presence. it’s not that He withholds Himself from us, or that we have to earn it or anything like that – it’s only by grace. but this world is full of distractions. we are being pulled in a hundred different directions. the mark of a heart that is sold out for God is fighting for Him. it’s the heart that says, “God, i miss You. where are You? i’m not okay when You’re not here.” now, don’t get all technical with me about this – God is with us all the time, i know that. but i think there are times when God’s presence is more heavily felt. it’s sort of like the difference between God’s presence with us here and God’s presence with us when Jesus returns, and in heaven. anyway, that isn’t the point. the point is that we should have a heart that yearns for His presence, that notices when He’s not around, when we let other things get in the way, or when something is getting in the way.. a heart that is completely lovesick for God. a heart that wakes up in the morning and looks at all the problems in the world and longs for Him to be here, that knows that if He were fully here in all His glory and majesty and power, everything would be okay.

i want a heart like that.

and i think it’s something we need to cultivate. how do you know you like spending time with someone? you spend a lot of time with them. well, that’s what i mean by pressing in and fighting for God. fighting to be in His presence. when all these things come by trying to distract you, you’ve got to choose to say, “no! God, i’m gonna worship You, i’m gonna press in, I WANT YOU. i won’t be denied Your presence.”

imma fight fer You.


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