in the still of the night

it’s almost like time’s stopped for you

I haven’t had a night like this in awhile. The silent house, cool breeze passing through the room, a welcome change from the stuffy humidity of the day. Music playing, for only me to hear; thoughtful, emotive, heard. Nights like these are marked with distant memories of a time now past.

And here, now, I’m not sure what to do with it.

I had an amazing day, returning to the place where I spent so many formative years of my life, catching up, if only briefly, with some of the people who impacted my life in significant ways. What a blessing to be able to return and find even more warmth and comfort than I remember leaving.

This feeling…is this peace? Contentment? Is this the quiet satisfaction you feel at the end of a good day like today?

Or is it something else? A distraction? Temptation? Emotions swelling over?

You’re meant to be in the center of this. You are the reason for all the goodness of the day. You, You, You. So where are You? press in. I choose to make You the center of this. You are the source of all things good, all things wonderful, all things lovely. You are the reason I can be content and satisfied. You are everything, Lord Jesus. Everything.

how can i stand here and not be moved by You?


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