musical musings (aha ha ha…)

sort of a follow-up on this post:

over the past few days, i’ve realized that God’s blessed me with a lot of…influence. i’m really not the most outgoing person, nor the coolest or most interesting (by farrrr)… yet, somehow, i’ve always been blessed with lots of friends and people surrounding me – people who still say hi to me and ask me out and stuff like that. people who’ve said lots of nice things to me and just generally remember me for various reasons. i’m starting to think/see that it’s really God’s favour.. i don’t know what He’s going to use it for yet (though i guess He’s already used it here and there), but i need to remember to see it for what it is – a gift from Him.

ok so where does the music come in? haha. since the party last saturday, and a couple of visits to mg, and some other factors which i cannot identify at this moment, i’ve realized that God’s given me different means of influencing people, one of them being music. that’s most evident among my secondary school mg friends, i think. i think it’s what i’m remembered for.. but i’m realizing that there are also different seasons that accompany the different means, and these often also divide by circles of friends/influence/people… so the music thing didn’t quite carry on past mg.. not in the same way, anyway. not a bad thing! just different. (:

just something i’ve noticed and am trying to recognize and understand…

ok, falling asleep.




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