figuring out my life

I’ll admit it. I’m one of those people who wholeheartedly endorses the idealism of those cheesy Miss World answers. I used to think that giving answers like “I want to change the world” in response to the age old question about what I want to do with my life was perfectly acceptable and extremely cool. That answer still stands, but I like to think that I’ve gained some extra perspective in my years…

The question to ask is not, “Do you want to change the world?” because let’s get real – almost everyone wants to change the world these days. The better question is, “HOW do you want to change the world?.

We were each created for a unique purpose. We were created to meet a need in this world. I used to hear that and think that the sequence events was as follows: (1) I are born (2) A need appears, that I am intended to meet. But that’s wrong! It happened like this: (1) A need existed (2) God created me to meet it. Isn’t that crazy??? Yeah, I think so too. But it’s true. You are God’s answer to a problem in the world today.

Ask God to show you what that need is. I read this in my devotions the other day:

God has a purpose for each one of us. Some of us know our purpose while others are sitll in the process of uncovering it. When we know our purpose, God uses it to enable us to renew His kingdom, but in order to renew His kingdom; we must continually renew our purpose and ourselves. Don’t let God’s purpose for your life become stale and feel old to you. Allow God to renew His purpose in such a way that it feels as fresh as the day you first uncovered it. Ask Him to expand your purpose and show you specifically the ways you can contribute to renewing His kingdom in the same way He has renewed your life and purpose.

I tend to feel as though once God has revealed something to me, it’s solely my responsibility to remember it. But it isn’t! God wants to help me remember it. And if I keep asking Him to renew it and make it fresh, He will! What a relief.

Something to think about this coming New Years’: What visions and purposes has God put on your heart? It could have been years ago – so far back that you have only a faint memory. Seize that tiny spark and bring it before God and ask Him to ignite it into a blazing fire. Run with that. But always leave room for Him to add more. Remember that where He gives the vision, He will make the provision. Where He guides, He will provide. Yeah!


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