grace, again; always.


reflections at the Church at the Mount of Beatitudes, Israel

I keep thinking that the closer I get to Christ, the more I need to do to upkeep or maintain the relationship. The more work it took to get somewhere, the harder you have to fight to keep your place, just like climbing the corporate ladder. No one’s gonna fight you for the bottom rung. But that kind of thinking is entirely wrong. It denies the existence and role of grace. It is not by my own effort that I am drawn near, but only by the grace of God. Only by grace can we enter. I’m not saying we don’t have to do anything once we’re saved. My faith tradition believes that we must – that is what it means to “work out your salvation with fear and trembling”. But to forget the foundation, the basis of that salvation, which is grace, is to forget the truth of the Gospel. If we continue in that belief, we believe only in lies. For it is by grace we have been saved, not by works, so that no man can boast.


2 thoughts on “grace, again; always.

  1. It’s so funny how we as humans find it so difficult to understand grace. It’s so simple, yet we’ve been taught by the world to believe in the lie that we have to earn our way into His love. No wonder Jesus loves the little children.

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