i’m sitting in a classroom listening to a Spanish worship song that i don’t understand. someday i’ll listen more closely and look up the words, but i like it this way for now. you know how songs can communicate things even when you don’t understand all that’s being said? it’s kind of like that. it feels like he’s singing my heart.

things are going well with me, and I praise God for that. but life is far greater than me, and I was reminded of that through a series of news updates. it’s so easy to get caught up in the immediate, in what’s right before you.
but life consists of so much more. it’s only when you take your eyes off yourself that you are able to see the rest.. and even then, it’s just a glimpse of a much bigger picture.

there’s so much going on, and yet You know it all and hold it all in the palm of Your hand. that amazes and humbles me all at once.


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