rest in peace, my friend

it’s your birthday today. it’s still hard to believe you’re gone. it’s not like we were very close or anything – at least not in recent years – but it’s just the thought that it could’ve been any one of us. it could’ve been me.

you would’ve been 22 today.

i still have letters from you, written on the backs of those free postcards they used to have around. maybe they’re still there. zocards, i think they’re called. those days seem so far away.

i don’t know why it happened to you and i doubt we’ll ever really know. but you are loved by so many, and i know your death has not been in vain. it’s drawn people together and, if anything, it makes us stop and think. reconsider what we’re doing, where we’re headed in life, what our priorities are. if we had one day left to live, what would we do?

it could’ve been any one of us. we aren’t immune to death just because we’re still “young”. death is no respecter of age.

you haven’t been forgotten, and never will be. i can only hope that i honour your memory by living each day to the very fullest, drinking deep of life and not wasting a moment of it.


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