Since coming to America, I’ve had to grapple with issues of identity: Who am I, beyond the “child of God”, “Christian” thing? Not that those are any less important. Do I identify as Chinese? Asian? Singaporean? Is that an identity just in name or do I share in the culture too? Should I even be needing to think about these things?

One of my good friends posted recently on the dominance of the narrative of the White man even in Singapore, raising similar questions. I thought I’d add my thoughts to…well, to the internet, I guess. Haha. I’ve had to write a bunch of things on this topic during my time at Carleton. I’m just going to put a couple here. The first one was written as an educational autobiography (a story of your education), but I had to bring in questions of culture in mine, just by virtue of who I am, I guess. Ha. I also wrote this one at the beginning of sophomore year. I would hope that my writing has changed (improved) since then, but I’m not going to go through and edit it.

There’s also this post I wrote a little while back…

Do we have a Singaporean culture? Is it a mix of cultures? Have we created our own unique blend? Or are they still separate constituents, with some more valued than others? Or valued in different ways? What does it mean to create culture, anyway?

As usual, I just have a whole bunch of questions and not that many answers. Let me know if you have any.


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