always in need

“I need You more, more than yesterday…”

So goes a line from a great song by Jesus Culture called “I Need You More.” On the surface, the lyrics seem really simple, but it’s easy to skip over them and not really think about what they mean.

God’s been really gracious to me of late. I have known His amazing grace over my life, His mercy, His forgiveness, His freedom. He’s lifted me from the depths of hopeless despair, from one of those big black bottomless pits. And I praise Him for that.

But here’s the thing: It’s really easy to cry out to God when we’re in despair. When we’re face to face with a hungry lion or a hundred thousand strong army of armed warriors or any modern day equivalent, we’re often very aware of our need for God. In our minds, “need” is associated with “trouble” – hence the phrase, “in need.” But with God, we are always “in need.” Whether things seem to be going well or going terrible, we need God, just the same. And if need could be measured, our need for God never decreases.

It’s tempting to think once God’s brought us out of that sticky situation that we’re in a ‘better place.’ In many ways we are, only by His grace, of course. But in other ways, we’re in the same place we’ve always been – human, sinful, fallible, and so very prone to wander. And so even at the height of our triumph and victories, we need God. Maybe even more than we did ‘yesterday,’ when we were stuck in despair. Why? Because it’s so much easier to forget our need when things seem good. Pride creeps in so quickly to join in the celebration and we don’t notice it there because there’s so much joy. It’s our pride that tells us we don’t have to run to God in prayer as much as we did when we were in the darkness, that this ‘freedom’ means we don’t have to turn to Him as much. It’s all a lie.

Our need for God never diminishes. May we never forget.


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