step by step

I was reminded tonight that God’s timing is perfect, He sees the road ahead, and it’s better that way.

We so often ask Him to show us what’s gonna happen further down the road. Most of the time He only shows us where to put our next step. Chances are, if He showed us any further, we’d turn and run. So instead, He leads us step by step, and with every step we take in obedience, our faith grows and we are prepared to take the next step, and then the one after, and the one after that. How gracious of Him.

It’s amazing when you look back on a decision you made and see how the path you thought you were on turned out to be a completely different one because of the next decision He led you to make. You might think the two are unconnected, but God had His connect-the-dots picture for your life filled in long before you were born. Amazing.

step by step You lead me,
and I will follow You all of my days


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