it’s not about getting it right the next time

I want to give myself a good kick in the behind. I sense that I’m just looking for a quick-fix. I want a do-over. I want to know I’ve been forgiven, the slate’s been wiped clean, and I get to try again.

But God loves me more than that, and He is more good than simply that. If that’s all He did for me, then that would be saying that all the mistakes I’ve made were just that – mistakes. Worthless, unredeemable. It’d be saying that the only way I can be made right with God is if those things were completely erased; if they weren’t a part of my history.

But God shows me far greater grace. He says, “No – these mistakes you’ve made, they are mistakes, but I will redeem them. All the wrong you’ve done, I will forgive, but I loved and accepted you even while you were doing wrong. There is nothing you had to do to make Me love you. There is nothing you can do to make Me love you more than I already do. Your repenting and receiving forgiveness and mercy and grace and recognizing that I love you has more to do with you than it does Me. I loved you all along. Your sin just made you blind to it.”

I don’t need to try harder. I need to fall more in love with Christ.

“God doesn’t want a good slave who tries really hard. He wants us to see that He is a good Father. He wants intimacy.” – Francis Chan, The Forgotten God

We need to love God before we can serve Him. Live because God, not for God. There is nothing we can do for Him.

i want to fall in love with You


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