Tea with the Weatherman

By and large, it’s been a cold, blustery day, with the occasional sunshine, but it appears the sun – and its warmth – is out in full force now. Sitting outdoors at a quaint little café in town, basking in the sunlight, I am reminded of God’s great love, of the warmth He brings to this cold heart of mine, the light that You shine in the darkness. What a beautiful day You have made.

If you’d asked me this morning whether I thought the sun was going to shine this brightly today, I’d have said no. Now maybe I’m just a really bad meteorologist (I am), but I’m reminded of the importance of not judging things by their appearance. Not pre-judging things. Not forgetting that time is fluid and, with its passing, brings changes, many of which we cannot predict, but which God has already foretold. Even though the storm clouds seem to hide His face, He is always there. He has been from the beginning.

The assurance that I find in Him must run deeper than the visible and foreseeable weather forecast. It must lie in the certainty, the belief – indeed, the truth – that it is He who controls the weather. Though the weather may have me alternately donning and shedding layers of clothing every other minute, my heart can rest in the fact that He is unchanging. He is not tossed about by the waves. He is steady. He is steadfast. He is sure.

And though this heat may not be what I want right now, having dressed for colder weather, it is from Him, and He is in it, and so I will rejoice in it. When the winds come, and I am tempted to complain, to grumble on account of my shivering bones, then, too, I will find Him. I will choose to be present with my God.

For where You are is where I want to be. So come rain or shine – or a heckuva lotta snow – I will find You there, and I will dwell with You, and my heart will be glad.


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