It’s Senior Year!

Let me tell you about my first day back at Carleton. Moving in was wonderful – my host dad and a host brother helped me move things and there were multiple trolleys available and everything was sitting outside my house within half an hour of leaving my summer housing. Half an hour! NEVER BEFORE! I normally take 3 hours, at least. I managed to get my keys from ResLife before my 11.30am meeting, even though they’d said in their email that I could only pick them up after 12. So far so good. Excellent, in fact.
I move all my stuff into the Owens living room and transform it into a landfill. Off to my meeting, then back again to start the long process of unpacking. I go upstairs and unlock the single which was originally going to be my room to check it out. Pretty nice. I walk across to the double I am going to be living in which I should not have access to yet, and it’s open! Hooray! That means I can start moving into the actual room! So everything is still going wonderfully.
Fast forward to 12 midnight and I have almost finished putting things away. Things are looking pretty good. I decide it’s about time to take a shower, given that I’ve been running around in the hot sun all day and am gross and sweaty and need to be up by 8am tomorrow at the latest. The bathtub is kind of dusty and gross so I run some water to fill the tub. A little while later, I let the water drain. It is slow. I hope the drain isn’t clogged. I go downstairs to bring some more things up and hear a dripping noise. I inch closer towards it, careful not to startle whatever beast-with-a-cold awaits me. The trail leads me to the downstairs bathroom. THERE IS A LEAK IN THE BATHROOM!!!!! Water is dripping from the upstairs bathroom to the downstairs bathroom. Part of the ceiling has formed a little bowl which should definitely not be there. I call security and they come over and confirm that the shower is out of commission until a plumber can look at it. NOOOOOOOO.
I just took a shower in my bathroom sink. I do realize that there are many showers on campus and I could have easily gained access to one. But there is lots of lightning and it is raining and a thunderstorm seems imminent. 
Life is good!

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