I’m thankful for the long plane ride I have to take every few months in order to traverse the two worlds I straddle. It offers some much-needed silence and solitude – a forced removal from the many things I crowd my world with. Ongoing text conversations, Facebook, the Internet… A connection with others, real or imagined, that, while not necessarily evil, often distracts me from the One who matters most. It is here that I can finally take stock of the year or term gone by, where I have ample time alone with my thoughts, where, hopefully, I can be honest with myself.

I think about my impending arrival in Tokyo. I can see it in my head: Checking for Wi-Fi the moment I step off the plane, even though I already know, from past experience, that it won’t be there. There is always this sense of urgency, of needing to be ‘connected’ to people. Why? What do I think it offers me? Validation? A sense of self-worth?

This year, I pray I will search for You with the same urgency. I pray that I will always be looking to connect with You, be connected to You. I pray You will be the first one I search for in my surroundings, no matter where I am. I pray I will be quick to notice when You’re not around, and that I’ll fight to remedy that, because in this journey of life, You are the only One who is always faithful and true. Though many have said it, Your words are the only ones I can put my hope and trust in, knowing You will never fail. You will never walk alone.


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