An Easter Thought

What does Jesus’ death mean for my life?

Am I living as though He died and rose again?

Is that fact a reality in my life that motivates the way I live?

Or has His death made no difference to my day-to-day living?

What does Jesus’ death mean for me?

Yes, it means my sins are forgiven. Yes, it means I don’t spend an eternity in hell. But what about the present? Jesus died to set us free from a life of striving, a life of needing to prove ourselves – whether through grades, achievements, or anything else. He died so that we might be free from paralyzing worry, anxiety, stress, fear, etc. That freedom starts now, not after we die.

To call ourselves Christians is to choose to identify with Christ – in both His death and resurrection. We died with Him and we rose with Him (Romans 6). That means that the victory over sin and death and every other thing that tries to take us from God is also ours. The freedom that Jesus won on the cross is ours to keep. Are we living in that freedom?


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