“Come, all you who are thirsty,
come to the waters”
– Isaiah 55:1

How is my soul?

A little parched, I think, if I am honest. I have not left the crowds and gone away to sit and worship.

Had I not felt the thirst before? Had I ignored it?

In the past, I have often despaired at my state of thirstiness. But it is not bad to be thirsty. It is a condition of our humanness. What is bad to feel the thirst but delay quenching it. We must not delay.

Simply feeling thirst, however, is a blessing. How else would we know to drink? I have always thought that ideally, we would never thirst. But I think it is more useful to think of thirst as a given – we are humans after all. The ideal, then, is that we always have the means to quench our thirst. That we thirst, but we never have to remain thirsty, as long as we choose to drink. And we do have the means – an endless supply of living water so that we may never go thirsty (sustained thirst) again (John 4:13-14; John 7:37-38).

So rather than beating myself up for being thirsty and seeing it as a failure to stay hydrated with the Spirit’s water, I pray for greater sensitivity, to feel the thirst, and an urgency to quench it by turning aside and re-encountering The Lord, soaking in His presence, worshipping His majesty.


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