Fear and Opportunity

I believe it was St Augustine who said, “God gives where He finds empty hands.”

What are empty hands? Are they those hands which have nothing? No food to eat, no clothes to wear, no one to hug? In a sense, maybe. But I don’t think that’s what he meant.

Empty hands are those who may have much, or may have little, but hold tightly to nothing except the promises and faithfulness of God. Empty hands are those that are open in surrender.

Someone else said something about letting go of what is good so that God can give us what is best.

You’d think it was a logical thing to do – we all want the best, don’t we? But letting go takes faith. Oftentimes, at the point of letting go, we don’t know for sure that the better thing is coming. There’s always the chance that it won’t. Then what? We’ll be left with nothing! Maybe it’s better to hang on to what we’ve got. It’s better than nothing, after all.

But here’s the thing I’ve been reminded of: There are no missed opportunities when Jesus is your first priority.

We lose out on nothing by trusting Him. Nothing.

May I learn this more and more…


One thought on “Fear and Opportunity

  1. Empty hands are also those that have nothing to cling onto when the waters sweep you far away from where you want to stay forever; but perhaps God brings us through the white-water rapids so that we might reach the boundless sea of His love.

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